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Melaka Travel Guide is the Internet Division on Melaka of Royal Exclusive Travel Co. Ltd. based in Bangkok, Thailand.

A quality-focused travel agency, Royal Exclusive Travel's commitment is to provide customers with an ultimate travel experience by exclusive arrangements. Our service-minded and friendly teams are expert in planning and implementation of foreign independent tour (FIT) which includes the arrangements of various travel components such as hotel reservation, air, bus, train ticket booking, and car rental. Plus our tour and cruise packages are varied not only of the entire Thailand but also of several foreign countries.


Established since 7th January 1994, the Royal Exclusive Travel Co. Ltd. initially resided on Silom Road, Bangkok, with limited number staff and facilities. Products (i.e. tour package) and service back then were limited only in Thailand and neighboring countries such as Cambodia, Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam.

Nowadays Royal Exclusive Travel becomes a professional travel agency specialized not only in Indochina but expanded to other Asian destinations as our travel products and services have been extended to Malaysia, Singapore, Nepal, China and etc.

Our company houses a number of professional travel advisors and teams of qualified administrators. In addition, our strong alliance with experienced local travel suppliers and wholesalers across Asia help to enhance the quality of our travel services and yet keep our prices highly competitive over the market.

Our Customer Service Team is consisted of energetic men and women who are friendly and service-minded. We are enthusiastic to cater your need and to help in planning your holiday. You can expect our prompt response to your inquiries and reservation request, generally within an hour to one business day.


Our Company - Royal Exclusive Travel

TAT License Number: 11/1620

Head Quarter
Royal Exclusive Travel Co., Ltd. 
No.9 The Place Building, 4th Floor, Room 92-9404,
Chan Rd. 18/2, Thungwatdon, Sathorn, Bangkok, Thailand
Tel: (66)-0-26764182 up to 7, (66)-0-22864950 up to 1
Fax: (66)-0-26764188, (66)-0-22864959 

Important Note: Omit Zero if calling from overseas.

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